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Karlalise offers paintings, mixed media relief works and various other creative works as Angelumi.


The Angelumi collections are inspired by her knowledge of / experiences with the angelic realm, supernatural forces and metaphysical phenomenon, and with higher dimensional vibrations and frequencies.

In 2019, Karlalise enjoyed her "Summer of Light", when for six months, she was utterly submerged / bathed in angelic frequency and divine white light.


Experiencing multiple dimensions during this time, she began to understand reality from a broader perspective. She saw that a profoundly beautiful, eternal, unified and divine field of love was the foundation of everything we perceive to be real, and (though words and images fail to accurately capture or convey its nature) she represents that field in her deeply transformative and meditative works in the White Light Angel Works Collection.

At first glance, these works appear to be relatively flat, muted abstract patterns that resemble the fibrous and organic nature of our world. However, when seen in diffuse light or from a shifting perspective, the works reveal fields of supernal brilliance and beauty that flare incandescent, reminiscent of a divine presence that emerges from within the work itself. Reality is but a shadow of the true nature of things.

Quantum Void


* Acrylic * Oil * Ink

In 2013, Karlalise began learning about quantum physics. Very quickly, she was able to reconcile her supernatural, metaphysical and spiritual experiences in life with the academic theories that were emerging and being tested within this new field of science.


As her knowledge increased, so too did her understanding of the quantum void - the ground state of infinite possibilities from which everything (all matter) emerges, activated by consciousness or awareness.

So began her exploration of the limitless potential of the deep and dark pregnant emptiness of the smallest components of space and the supernal fields of divinity that lie beneath and within it.

She began producing works for the Quantum Void Collection in 2018.

Commissions accepted.


* Acrylic * Oil * Crystal Gemstone Chips / Shards

Crystals are a crucial component of our journey toward well-being.


With almost perfect symmetry and order, they embody the codes of creation in material form. Through them, we can access and harmonize with those codes to elevate and synthesize our holistic being across multiple dimensions and time frames.

To assist with this, and in celebration of their unique and beautiful color and form, in 2015, Karlalise began creating mixed media relief works using crystals and paint on canvas or wood.


Her Crystal Tiles Collection is designed to help you invite the various frequencies synonymous with different crystals into places of work, rest, play and prayer.

Commissions accepted.


Auckland, New Zealand

(by appointment)

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