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SANTALUMI jewelry is inspired by nature and our relationship with it. We aim to work in partnership with nature for the highest good.


Our beautifully crafted, fine artisan pieces are made by artist, writer and crystal sensitive Karlalise using carefully curated crystal gemstones, sandalwood, sterling silver, silk, leather and vegan alternatives.

All of our pieces are original and unique. They are designed to support your journey toward spiritual, metaphysical and multi-dimensional well-being. They are made with love and clear intention, then blessed in a crystal sound bath. 

Santalumi jewelry makes an excellent gift for family and friends. For bespoke orders, we provide you with a personal consultation during the design process, and helpful information about the properties and characteristics of different crystals. We are also delighted to make intuitive recommendations.

We source our materials through reputable suppliers who have direct relationships with international markets and mines. Naturally, we support and prefer sustainable, ethical and responsible business practices.


Operating since 2015.​


Auckland, New Zealand

(by appointment)

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