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Oversized Lilies lend beauty to an Impoverished Room

Borrowed Beauty (acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 150cm, 2024) is a celebration of the still life genre and floral art, as well as another foray into the realm of narrative art.

During the earlier part of 2024, our family faced some unexpected challenges which tested our ability to remain positive. To help myself, and perhaps to combat the grueling spartan 'without' we had been experiencing, I bought myself a vase of lilies and placed them with declaratory resolve in the center of our living room table. The room itself is gloomy and the house outdated, though light streams in from several windows and shines down from overhead. Character villa features stand beside modest renovations. It has both the harshness and softness of a rented home.

The glorious, pristine white petals of the lilies, their sumptuous forms and their enigmatic, buoyant scent, all transmuted my dismay into joy. I felt resilient instead of stressed. Isn't it wonderful that we can take comfort from and solace in the beauty of nature?

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