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Fifth Dimension

You might recall learning about the various dimensions in high school.

First, there is a point, which represents nothing. Apparently, it has no dimension.

Next, there is a line (made up of a series of points), which represents the first dimension.

Then, there is a plane, like a page in a book: a square or some other shape that has both height and length. That represents the second dimension.

Finally, there is a voluminous shape, made up of a number of planes joined together, with both height, width and depth. That represents the third dimension. Beyond space, there is time, which represents the fourth dimension.

But what is the fifth dimension? Some say it is made of CONSCIOUSNESS, pure intention, awareness or LOVE.

As I approached (what I describe elsewhere as) my 'Summer of Light', I noticed many tell-tale signs of the fifth dimension within my own life and direct experience. Let me explain:

Despite a few setbacks, most people would agree that humanity has evolved relatively quickly over the last few decades.

Increasingly, people have embraced new ways of living and thinking that incorporate spiritual, metaphysical or new age beliefs. Especially among the young and old, we’ve seen a return to values like fairness, justice, equality, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and wisdom. We’ve begun to celebrate those values above capitalist neo-liberal ideals like self-interest, competitive advantage and profit, and to prefer them over draconian methods of control, manipulation and punishment so often employed by ruling classes in the past.

Of course - every period of change bears the hallmarks of resistance: negligence, arrogance and willful blindness by individuals, corporations and societies: entrenched thoughts and actions that seem unlikely to ever change. These have been visible over the last few decades too. But they were generally regarded as outdated, inefficient, unrealistic, overly rigid and unsustainable in the longer term.

A lot of the sweeping cultural changes that forced companies and governments to improve their infrastructure and adapt to a new era could be attributed to the introduction of computers and the internet, and the free dissemination of information, which people used to compare their circumstances and beliefs across the globe.

Ideas intermingled. Cultures borrowed from one another. Behavior and beliefs changed. People joined hands, seeking new ways of living and organizing that reflected their collective change. The fates of companies, markets and even governments rose and fell on the tides of our sentiments.

All within less than half a lifetime.

Only a few hundred years ago, mysticism and religion ruled popular belief. But with the advent of scientific materialism, we discarded anything remotely spiritual in favor of material 'fact' - that which could be deciphered, repeated and proven in experiments with machines.

As we invested in the modern age, lives, organizations and industries burgeoned around frameworks like science, technology, materialism, and industrialization.

But with time, science became dogged. The new paradigm became entrenched. Investment bred commitment to the status quo. Ideas that threatened the new establishment were overlooked or relegated to the fringe, unless they built seamlessly and advantageously upon the old.

One such example was quantum physics. It was theorized more than a century ago. That is the field of science - largely born from abstract mathematical modeling - concerned with the infinitesimally small. Quantum physicists proposed a world quite at odds with the standard model of science, and the veracity of its claims (as well as the implications suggested by it) were fiercely debated or ignored.

However, within a century, the strength and precision of our technical and scientific instruments improved, allowing quantum theorists to test their ideas. Remarkably, their findings repeatedly confirmed a fundamentally new framework of understanding, notwithstanding their conclusions were at odds with established certainties.

In particular, scientists learned that some of the accepted standard laws of classical physics, like solidity (or material reality), space and time were not immutable.

In addition, their findings arguably proved that:

- Objects are not solid. In fact, there really is no matter at all - everything is an illusion or a convention of the mind. Reality is more like a fractal hologram made up of information and agreements, rather than bits of matter as classically understood;

- Time is relative and not necessarily linear, at least, it does not 'go' in only one direction;

- Causation can be achieved retrospectively, even at the molecular (as opposed to the quantum) level;

- Everything in the universe appears to be entangled or intimately related to everything else in a way that influences or affects each other;

- Objects that appear to be material can not be fixed - we might only know their speed or their position, never both;

- Particles can be in two (or an infinite number of) places at once;

- Information is able to travel faster than the speed of light; and

- The observer has a fundamental role to play in the appearance (i.e., the existence) of matter.

As these ideas were disseminated, a groundswell of support for a return to mystical or spiritual systems of belief emerged. People were, once again, reaching for answers to their soul's yearning for meaning; for values beyond competition and naked material gain.

Some (including notable names in both pop-culture and science) suggested that quantum physics offered a way to marry science and spirituality, materialism and mysticism, if only a UNIFIED THEORY could be established - something that joined the laws of classical physics with those of quantum mechanics.

Some evidence pointed decisively toward the importance and fundamentally intrinsic position of Us: the observer (some define it as 'Universal Awareness' or 'Consciousness') as the foundation of all material being - and the ultimate arbiter of the same. That is, Consciousness was the foundation of the structure of reality and the universe. People began to understand that Consciousness was a mystical or spiritual Source that served as the Foundation of All Being.

Although no one can claim to understand entirely what consciousness is, neuro-scientists assert that it is a physiological and psychological symptom of a recursive neural network that exists within the human brain.

But this ignores the important and stunningly consistent conclusion in quantum physics that without the measurement of matter by an awareness (i.e., a conscious observer), there would not BE a brain - as it is made of MATTER (the existence of which is DEPENDENT on an observer/mind/consciousness).

There are many effects in the 'real world' (the material world, as understood by classical physics - where things are of a scale that we can relate to, which we experience daily) that hint at the veracity of (and draw on our seemingly inherent recognition of) the laws of quantum physics:

- You put something down here, you find it over there;

- You think of someone, and moments later they call;

- You ask for something, and almost instantly, it manifests via an unusual or circuitous route that seems to indicate the universe miraculously contemplated your request a long time ago;

- You have de-ja-vu. Over and over again;

- You see a series of signs or experience a multitude of synchronous coincidences that all lead in one particular direction;

- You meet someone, and you feel as though you have met them before; and/or

- You ask for the parking fairy to help you, and you get a rock-star park: Every. Single. Time.

The more you notice things like this, the more they seem to happen.

You begin to realize that your thoughts affect your reality. You realize that you can impact certain aspects of your experience (not only of yourself but the world around you) with your consciousness, by means of your thoughts, feelings, intention, desire and will.

You begin to change - to prioritize your life in accordance with new rules and the feedback that you receive from the universe about your own experiments with these phenomena. (I urge everybody to research and try their own version of the 'Rice Experiment', for first hand knowledge of what I am describing).

You learn that more is achieved with love than hate. That worry is redundant. That stress is a choice. That everything is OK. That love is everywhere. That all of life's challenges are a lesson and an opportunity to grow and evolve. That time is immaterial and there is only now. That you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you. That you must live a life of service to the greater good. That you (and therefore everything) are filled with and made up of light. Literally. And that nothing, absolutely nothing, else matters except the choices you make about how to conduct yourself in the present moment.

And finally, you begin to realize that you have begun to occupy the Fifth Dimension - a place of self-realization, a place of pure Consciousness and love, where you are not bounded by the classical laws of physics, but by the power and freedom of your Mind and the strength of your heart and your altruistic desires, your clear intention, your vibrations and energy - your LOVE.

Those who postulate the existence of the Fifth Dimension imagine that everyone will get there eventually. They may be right. You do not need to know about quantum physics to make that journey. But I would suggest that you need to employ the practice of absolute honesty and truth with yourself and others. You need to have the will to evolve, to abandon your habits and your comforts in favor of new and inconvenient understandings. You need to broaden your view, beyond yourself, and even this life. You need to understand inherently, intrinsically, that we are all One - that we are not only connected, we are ONE. The SAME. And you need to have the compassion and empathy for all living things (and probably the inanimate also) that such a realization demands.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to let go of in order to reach this higher order place, which is often why mystics and sages have so little, why philosophers are loners and why the impoverished find it so easy to become saintly. They simply have less to lose. Less to change. Less to let go of. Less attachments to hold them in the old patterns of thinking, feeling and doing. And more to gain.

But we all have so much to gain by embarking on a journey toward the Fifth Dimension. Mastery over matter. Manifestation with pure mind. Infinite abundance and eternal love. Glorious ascension to ever higher realms of being.

The fifth dimension doesn't necessarily lead you toward greater abundance in the third dimension, though your beauty is likely to grow in spirit and form. Rather, it leads you away from those desires that bind you to materialism. It helps you to overcome your view of 'self' and service to it. It shifts your focus to the unified and eternal; the sacred; the divine.

If this doesn't appeal, then you might still be operating in and somewhat devoted to life in the Third Dimension, the Earthly realm in the lower planes and to standard or classical physics. And to the advancement of self. That's OK.

But for those of you reaching higher, let us find each other (as One) in the Fifth!

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