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March 2023 - Three Exhibitions Already! More to come...

Hello Beloved Ones!

Its March 2023 and we've already exhibited works in three different exhibitions here in Auckland, New Zealand:

* January / February: AOTEAROA at the Kumeu Arts Centre, Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand;

* February / March: HIBISCUS & BAYS ART AWARDS at the Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand; and

* March: ARTISTS REVEALED at the Mairangi Bay Arts Centre, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

Furthermore, we are due to exhibit 30 or more works in Sydney in May (details to follow) and we have our own little solo show coming up in the ARTSPACE corner of the Mairangi Arts Centre in August this year.

All in all, its a promising start to the year. We hope you have a chance to catch one of our exhibitions or to view our works online at

Meanwhile, we're busy pumping out more works and will gladly show you what we have available in studio by appointment. Contact us at

If you aren't aware, our works have recently shifted from purely abstract and symbolic to slightly more figurative and life based, which apparently seems to give viewers more of a window into our world (our thoughts, feelings and experiences) and allows them to relate more easily to what we are trying to express. Do you find the same? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

With love,

Karlalise xx

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