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Karlalise Horstmans

Karlalise Horstmans (b. 1974 - Cook Islands) is an artist writer jeweler based in Auckland, New Zealand.

She studied art through high school, then travelled to the Netherlands where she attended De Vrije Academie de Kunst in Den Haag in 1991. 


Following this, she lived between Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America, continuing to paint and sell works into private collections. She resettled in New Zealand to study law and commerce, graduating from the University of Auckland in 2005 with a BCom/LLB (Hons).

After working a short time as a litigator in the field of intellectual property, she resigned to raise her children. Since then, she has focused her efforts on creative endeavors (including writing and making jewelry). She began painting full-time and exhibiting her paintings in 2022.

She paints in acrylics, oils, ink and mixed media. Her paintings vary in scale, from small (30cm) to extra-large (2m+).


Her works are available by private negotiation. Please enquire as to availability and/or commissions. 

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