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Karlalise Horstmans is an artist, writer and jeweler. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and three children.


Prior to motherhood, she was an intellectual property lawyer (among other things). She has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Auckland. In 2023, she will begin studying toward a Graduate Diploma of Applied Psychology. She is currently gaining certification as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practitioner.

Karlalise is empathic, intuitive and highly sensitive. She is inspired by nature. Her works reflect a deep reverence for all things sacred and mystical. 

In support of her spiritual journey toward well-being, she designs and makes jewelry under the brand name SANTALUMI, which can be found at

She produces several collections of artwork under the brand name ANGELUMI, which explore and celebrate the mystical and spiritual aspects of life, including the White Light Angel Works, Crystal Tiles and Quantum Void collections. These can be found at

Some of her written works (as Guru Lumi or Lumi Guru) also explore the mystical and supernatural aspects of life. These can be found at (or

Karlalise also runs a website devoted to crystals, including an informative directory of over 500 minerals, called CRYSTAL SENSITIVE. She offers online crystal consultations, online courses, an online shop, and workshops and events about crystals, chakras and multi-dimensional spiritual and holistic wellbeing and evolution. These can be found at



Karlalise is passionate about nature and our relationship to it.


Some of her endeavors leave a small footprint on the Earth (including the use of crystal gemstones in jewelry and chemicals in paintings).


To offset her footprint as much as possible, in additional to preferring sustainable practices, she undertakes to donate a portion of the profits from her commercial endeavors toward the replanting of Earth, and she works with local nurseries to achieve this goal.


Auckland, New Zealand

(by appointment)

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